Your Guide To The Utmost Facebook Video Marketing

Imagine the viability of your brand with nearly 8 billion video views every day on Facebook! Apart from the millions of hours the users spend watching videos on Facebook, a single video can reach a massive audience, connecting you effectively to your prospects. Messages are likely to be previewed visually rather than verbally, that’s why most of the people prefer and engage with the visual content. Consequently, videos go viral, particularly when they target a specific audience, triggering them to take a certain action.

Facebook video marketing caters for the brands with the chance to connect to their customers, engage them and showcase their services and products. Moreover, with HD videos, you can offer an impressive, immersive experience to your audience, resulting in generating more leads and driving more sales.   

For the sake of creating a killer video with epic content that can go viral on Facebook, we provide you with a few, yet crucial, tips to help you create an effective a video marketing strategy on Facebook.  

1- Keep Your Video Short And To The Point

As per many studies in this regard, the users in the digital world lust for short videos that deliver the message directly and clearly. Therefore, when writing your video script, make sure that it does not exceed 2 minutes. If your video is getting to run longer, it is more likely that your audience will not engage as much as you desire.

2- Share Directly On Facebook

Comparing to sharing videos from YouTube, posting a native video on Facebook outperforms in every way. As native videos get 4 times more views than those which shared from YouTube. Not forgetting the autoplay feature that Facebook offers to natively shared videos.

3- Create Tips And How-to Videos

Since all people are seeking more information, especially the new, unrevealed information. They tend to extremely engage with those kinds of video that show teach them how to things and give them tips concerning their lifestyle. Thus, try to frequently create Tips and How-To videos in order to engage your audience as well as to give them valuable content.

4- Add Text Explanation On Your Video

Roughly 85% of videos on Facebook are being watched with the sound off, due to the autoplay feature. So adding text on your video has a become a must if you want to successfully deliver the message of your video. The text will make your message clearer and more effective.

5- Link Your Video With A Call To Action

By adding a Call To Action button, you encourage your audience to a certain action like book now, subscribe or learn more. This CTA will guide your customers to do exactly what you want. Noteworthy, videos with Call To Action get 135% more clicks from the customers.

6- Short Video Intro And Description

Give a brief introduction about your video to tell your audience what it is about, without mentioning any details or explanation. Try to ask a question that raises the curiosity of your customers, driving them to watch the video in order to find an answer to that question. Most importantly, make it short and precise, average 84 characters.

7- Make The First 4 Seconds Count!

Be creative, shock your customers or find a way to grab their attention. Start with a shocking fact, surprise, or a question in the first few seconds. By showing something interesting in the opening, your video will get more views and go viral.

8- Run Ad Campaigns To Boost Your Videos   

With 100 million hours of video uploaded daily on Facebook, the competition is getting harder every day more than the previous. You need to push your video up in the crowd by boosting it. Fortunately, Facebook ads allow you to specifically target your audience either by location, interests, age, or gender. Hence, by boosting your video, you will ensure that it is landing in the timeline of those you want to reach.   

To conclude, the huge volume of engagement and shareability of video content on Facebook proves that using video marketing is significant for your brand image and an increasing, sustainable ROI. It enhances the capabilities of your business in terms of reaching the right audience, connecting to them effectively and converting them into actual customers. Best of all, creating an effective video marketing strategy is not a big deal, as the smallest businesses can include it in their plans and share great videos that can go viral on Facebook.