The Truth of Subliminal Messages; Ghost busted!

Have you ever thought about why you are addicted to some certain habits? Why and how we feel obsessed by some ideas, concept or even sorts of behavior?

For this, you need to know that our human minds are divided into 2 main halves; the Conscious part and the Subconscious part. For a deeper understanding, our conscious mind works while we are awake and aware of what we are doing. It is responsible to monitor and control our actions and decisions. Whilst the subconscious mind never sleeps never stops, it regulates everything happening in our bodies, our personality, and our beliefs. It is the start where all actions and ideas begin.

What are the Subliminal Messages?

From this perspective, Subliminal Messages are those kinds of messages which are perceived unconsciously, below the level of conscious awareness, from the subconscious mind. Subliminal messages may be formed in 2 different forms. The auditory message which is a low sound your ears can’t hear or recognize. And the visual message which is a quick flashed message or picture that cannot be seen.
Before getting deeper into how subliminal messages may affect our minds, it is significant to understand how they are evolved and developed up to the present time.

History of Subliminal Messages

Early Beginnings

The birth of subliminal messages was during the WWII when they were used by the air forces to recognize their enemies. However, the actual start of subliminal messages in advertising dates back to 1957, when a famous market researcher called James Vicary interjected the sentence “Eat Popcorn, Drink Coca-Cola” into a movie. Later on, he found out that such these subliminal messages have driven higher sales rates; more than 18% increase in Coke sales and approximately 60% increase in popcorn sale.
Afterwards, subliminal messages were used frequently on Radios, TVs, and commercials. Additionally, there were some incidents in which some musical bands and psychiatrists have been accused of using subliminal messages. However, in mid-1970s subliminal messages were banned in all sorts of advertising. Later on, there have been many studies and researched conducted for a better understanding of the impact that these messages may leave on our minds.

After the 2000s.

In the present time, subliminal messages have its new forms due to the advanced technology we are experiencing in our daily life. As technology is incredibly growing every day, most of us are showered with tons of advanced forms of subliminal messages that are even harder to notice or control. Yet, since it was banned, they have been badly and negatively alleged as an illegal way of advertising.

How Subliminal messages affect us?

Since the day you were born in, you have been being exposed to various and repeated subliminal messages in commercials and ads. As a matter of fact, repetition makes most of the people buy the product for many times, although they may not need it. In light of this, the subliminal messages tend to control our minds by controlling our emotions. Many recent studies have referred that the human mind can retain and recognize the subliminal messages so that they can be an effective way to drive our minds towards certain desires.
On the other hand, subliminal messages can be used also positively. Since they are perceived by the subconscious mind. They can be subconsciously used to fill our minds with positive ideas like losing weight, stop smoking or motivating yourself to do a true challenge.

Why Subliminal messages in advertising!

The ultimate goal of advertising is likely to be driving more people to purchase the product for many times. Hence, the subliminal messages are more likely to be used in this regard as a powerful method to manipulate the human minds. By manipulating the others’ minds, you will be able to control their behavior and desires, without being aware of being controlled. This why some organization and business tend to use such a method to drive more sales and increase their customers. Most importantly, the results of using subliminal messages can be tracked and measured so as to help target certain aims for brands.

In conclusion, lots of scientists confirmed that every change you make or try to make in your life is primarily formed and created in your subconscious mind. Yet, the question here is: Can they really control our minds by these quick flashes or short recordings? Do the advertisers insert subliminal messages in their ads on purpose? Do they really work?