Motion Graphics: The Future Of Content Marketing

Certainly, content marketing has been under your nose once or twice. You may have read an article or watched a video showing the impact of content marketing on businesses in the digital world and how it will take your brand to the next level. Yet, just like everything in our life, content marketing has been evolving from humble beginnings like short written descriptions, articles and blogs to videos, info-graphics and recently motion graphics. In fact, content marketing is still developing, and it seems that motion graphics is going to dominate the world of content marketing on the internet in the future. Motion Graphics is able to revive the bland pieces of information by vitalizing its appearance, making it simpler and easier to understand.  From now on, Motion Graphics is taking the lead in all content marketing strategies for its ability to empower the presence of any business online.   

Why Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics is the art of presenting data or information in an animated way. It combines the elements of video, audio, info-graphics, and text altogether to make the content visually appealing and engaging. The greatest motions graphics video usually introduces the information through beautifully-designed and applied animations.  Thus it enables the marketers and the content creators to say more in fewer words and shorter time. When it comes to social media, your videos need to be short and precise. Subsequently, motion graphics is taking the lead as the most effective way to communicate with your audience, engage them while introducing valuable interesting content. Put simply, motion graphics can do what the other forms cannot, it can take your business beyond the usual standards of marketing, to a new, unique level of distinction.    

How Motion Graphics Affects Your Business?

Undoubtedly, video content can go viral faster than all the other forms of content, and motion graphics can make your video content appealing to please your audience, triggering their feelings and driving them to engage with your brand. It is the most effective option to create an eye-catching piece of content at a lower cost than the common advertising tools available on social media. Last year, researchers have concluded from a survey that 40% of customers confirmed that they prefer to watch a video about the brand rather than reading the same information about the brand.  When the businesses implement animation in their activities on social media, they don’t only promote their brand awareness but they also increase their sales, especially if you are going to launch a new product or service. It is not a question of your business size, motion graphics is the optimum tool you need to invest in if you want to boost your brand professionally in the digital world.  

4 Steps to create a killer Motion Graphics video

Here we provide you vital steps for creating an effective and compelling motion graphics video.

1- Script comes first.

You need to write a solid, clear script first, illustrating how the video goes from the very beginning till the end. While writing your video script, you must define your target audience, the tone of voice, and most importantly, the message you want to deliver.

2- Display the scenes and illustrations in a storyboard.

This step completes the first one as it brings the script to life. You start to draw out the frames and the scenes along with the script and to review them together before you begin designing.

3- Turn the storyboard into a design.

Here you start turning the storyboard into real designs. In this stage, you need to keep an eye on the visual details, as everything designed in the script and storyboard must be implemented in the design stage.     

4- Animation vitalizes the story.

This is the final stage when everything comes together; sound effects, music, timing, voice-over and the designs themselves. This is your chance to impress your audience with eye-catching animation and movement.

Overall, the future of motion graphics seems to be impressive. All the benefits and advantages of using motions graphics will kick the brands up a notch. Shortly, it is the bridge through which you pass your brand to your audience. All businesses now have a golden chance to drive and engage more customers and increase their sales rapidly. So what are you waiting for? Your content marketing strategy is missing motion graphics!