Influence 93% Of your clients by Photography

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, you may have heard this adage before. Nowadays, photos are worth at least a thousand words, probably more. Hence, when it comes to marketing and promoting your business successfully, professional photos are a MUST, no matter what industry you work in. From this perspective, the power of professional photography has attained an incredible growth along with the rise of digital marketing on which media plays an essential role in promoting the content of the SMEs, particularly in UAE. Consequently, photography is becoming more crucial to the promotion of a product or service than ever before.  

Visual Communication

With 93% of all human communication being non-verbal, combining visual elements with well-written text is a perfect way for marketers to stimulate the imagination of their target audience and trigger their feelings towards a specific behavior. Therefore, the need for professional photography for your products or business has been extremely growing to be used on TV or digitally on the social networks. In fact, low quality, unprofessional photos of your business lack the ability to communicate effectively with your customers. That’s why the appearance of your business is hugely important when it comes to building a loyal community with your customers or making the first impression on them. No matter who your customers are or what you are selling, high-quality photography is a crucial factor that contributes to your overall success.

Boost Your Business

In the digital world, product photography can be used to build up your business and make it infinitely more engaging and attractive. Professional photos can be also used to empower your brand efficiently on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. They can also be featured in blog posts and articles; the options are endless. Additionally, if your brand has a website, search-engine-optimized photos are a significant element of developing a high-ranked website. Since they can help your website get found in the image results and perform better in the overall search results. They can also help to engage customers and keep them on your site for longer, or encourage them to choose you over your competitors.

Generally, a professional appearance, including a well-taken photograph displaying a product or service in context, builds that desired trust. The bottom line, if a picture speaks a thousand words, a photo of your business’s products or services could say volumes about your business. First impressions do matter. As the photos that your business shares with the world reflect the professionalism and credibility of your brand to your potential customers.