Boost Your YouTube Traffic, The Ultimate Optimization Guide!

Billions of video views take place on YouTube every day. Is your brand capturing any of this traffic?

Videos have risen to be an integral part of the online marketing mix; yet, video optimization is not as commonly practiced as website and content optimization. Thus, having a strong YouTube presence can have an incredible impact on your brand reach and will give you the chance to engage with the millions of visitors of using the platform.

Although achieving a high number of video views is an improbable feat, it isn’t an impossible one so long as you have the right plan. There are a few optimization steps you can take to empower your video with a fighting chance.

1-    Power of Content

Creating great content is the key component to successfully optimizing your video. Make sure your content is either engaging, entertaining or informative, and most importantly, unique and authentic. Of course, it all begins with good content, so make sure your viewers have something high-quality and relevant to watch when they find you.  

2-    Tagging and Titles

Tagging is essential; titles and tags are a major factor in making your videos more discoverable. Include brand keywords in your tagging, and try your best to avoid irrelevant tags, even if it’s tempting. Make sure to keep your title fairly short, as recommended, it should not exceed 60 characters to help keep it from getting cut off in results pages.

3-    Closed-Captioning

Transcribing and uploading closed-caption files for all of your videos can also help your optimization efforts. This feature also makes it easier for customers to use your information as they desire, such as watching the video on mute so as to not disturb coworkers.

4- Create a full description

The video description field is a goldmine for SEO for all sorts of reasons, but primarily because the 5000 characters provide you with an ability to surround your video with additional relevant text to give context in search. Within this description, make sure you use plenty of relevant keywords. This will help you optimize your video for both YouTube and Google. So, make this first part of your description as engaging, and informative as possible.  

5- Promote the video on other platforms

YouTube video promotion is an art which anyone can learn with a little discipline. Promoting your video is the final step in optimization. Promote it through your various social media accounts, including your Facebook page, Twitter profile, Instagram account and Google+ page. Encourage your followers to interact with the videos, by commenting on them or sharing them with others.

Fortunately, YouTube is one of the easiest places to get massive amounts of traffic with minimal effort. By utilizing these best practices, you can now create engaging videos, dominate SEO, and send your videos surging up the search rankings on both YouTube and Google. These factors may seem a bit complicated, but remember; there’s an audience to be discovered there, and when you optimize for YouTube, your chances of being discovered increase.